Bailey + Perry {Sedona Engagement}

There are several reasons why I loved this short little engagement session- in addition to Perry and Bailey being tons of fun to hang out with.  Perry choose the location for the shoot at Briar Patch Inn, which is an adorable little get away down in Oak Creek Canyon of Sedona and the place where Perry popped the question.  The property was a great change from some of the more popular venues we tend to shoot frequently.  Even in January, I was surprised at how much awesome green landscape was surrounding the property.  It’s a rare month, that I don’t love Oak Creek, but I was prepping the clients for a brown and fairly dead looking background.  I also had a long conversation with the couple prior to our session about “props” in photo shoots.  I’m of the opinion that you don’t want to have too many props just for the sake of props…. we see plenty of this.  But, if it adds something about you, about your relationship, then prop away.  I love any added elements that help bring personality to a photo session. In this case, Perry really does play the guitar and has a strong background in the arts, music and all things creative.  I’m glad he choose to include the guitar for this particular shoot.  Bailey is a new 8th grade teacher; which anyone who can teach middle school kids, has my vote! Congrats you two.  ~Jamelle

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