Flagstaff Family Lifestyle Portraits with slack line

When we meet with portrait clients, we usually ask the question, “what do you like to do together?”  We try and build our family portrait session around the answer to this question. We strongly believe that family photography should be more than getting dressed up in your newest outfit and smiling for the camera. We love to capture the real interaction between family members. In this particular session, the answer to our question was, “well, I have older boys and they like to go to the park after school and set up the slack line and I love to walk my dog.”  Very Flagstaff, we loved it. We had a great time with Mary, Dalton, Jarod and Lucy in the park doing just that.  We also HAD to comment how much these boys love their mom. It was really sweet to see their relationship and I think we captured that. ~Jamelle

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