North Rim Grand Canyon Wedding at Cape Royal Point

This North Rim Grand Canyon Wedding had the most beautiful ceremony spot at Cape Royal Point. This goes down in history as one of the most unique wedding I’ve ever photographed. Glorious views everywhere. 2012 has been a rainy monsoon season and mid-July at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon was no exception.  I have never seen a couple persevere in inclement weather quite like Demarise and Dale!  Yes, I’ve seen weddings where it sprinkles a little but so rarely in Arizona do we have to make a choice to have the event in the rain.  Demarise and Dale were faced with that choice and despite the weather, the show went on.  The wedding ceremony was held at Cape Royal point where laughter, joy and of course rain filled the air!  We sat in the car and warmed up after the event and decided to attempt the portraits in the rain as well.  They had a very casual reception at Marble View point, which, if you ever have a chance to visit, is worth the 45 minute trek on a dirt road. The location is surreal–you feel like you are on a foreign planet with a rocky base and incredible 360 degree cloud views.  Arizona never ceases to amaze me.  Congrats Demarise & Dale, thanks for sharing your love of the North Rim with all your guests and especially my family! ~Cameron

North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-01 North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-02 North Rim Grand Canyon Wedding at Cape Royal Point North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-04 North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-05 North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-06 North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-07 North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-08 North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-09 North Rim Grand Canyon Wedding at Cape Royal Point North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-11 North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-12 North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-13 North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-14 North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-16 North-Rim-Grand-Canyon-Wedding-15