High School Seniors {Class of 2012} It's Portrait Time

You may be thinking this is a little early to start the discussion on senior portraits for class of 2012, but believe me when I say it, “We start booking sessions now for JUNE”. That’s just a few weeks away folks.  If you are new to the the high school senior portrait process, here’s a bit of info to keep in mind.

  1. Most high schools in Flagstaff require the kids to turn in a photo to the school by the second week in October.  It’s even earlier for parents who want to purchase an ad for the yearbook.
  2. Seniors are back to school the end of August, which only leaves about 3 weeks during school that we can shoot seniors.
  3. We book up fast!  Our August session dates seem to be the most popular, so get it on the calendar now if you like August
  4. Flagstaff summers are amazing!  Take advantage of the great weather for your photos.
  5. It takes us two weeks minimum to take the photos, process the photos and print the photos in order to get them to the schools on time.  This means we can’t shoot your senior the week before the deadline.
  6. We do have a rush-fee for last-minuters who unfortunately didn’t get the memo on the deadlines. (but rushing is never a good thing)
  7. Watch for our early bird specials. We will be sending out postcards next month to all the incoming seniors.  This usually means some great savings for booking the session early.
  8. Last of all- This is really fun!  Start planing now for some great ideas to incorporate into your sessions.

If you actually made it this far and read the entire post, congratulations!  Leave a comment and you will receive a free 8×10 with your booked senior portrait session. ~jamelle

Enjoy a few photos from Sadie’s senior session this past week.  Click here to view the slideshow:
Hair by: Leigh Call
Make-up by: DeLovely

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