Sedona Wedding Photographers. We’ve been photographing weddings for 15 years and we appreciate real moments and timeless photography. We know you are coming to Sedona, Grand Canyon or Flagstaff for the beauty that surrounds us so we incorporate those landscapes into our Arizona weddings and portraits. Telling a story with each image is important and even with our smaller events, we strive to capture the essence and uniqueness of each wedding. As a photographer, preparing for an event means understanding the relationships in your family so that we can anticipate certain moments. The more time we have to be a wallflower around those you love, the better your photos will look. Not only do we provide amazing photography, we focus on the experience that you will have during the process.



Arizona Cameron & KellyJamelle manages the Sedona and Northern Arizona clients through Cameron & Kelly Studio’s sister business Cameron & Kelly Arizona. Northern Arizona lends itself to smaller events due to the nature of the venue options and opportunity for a more adventurous client.

I moved to Flagstaff for many of the same reasons you are choosing to get married in the Southwest- it’s irresistible. Besides the amazing backdrop for weddings year round, it’s my family’s playground.  After falling in love and marrying my college sweetheart, I realized that our family has a rich heritage in Arizona and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  However, I love to travel! Who doesn’t right? Fortunately my photography has taken me to many unique and beautiful wedding locations throughout the US. I have pursued photography since 2003, but was thrilled to turn my passion into my career after meeting Cameron in 2007. Since she couldn’t live without me (true story), we became business partners and created Cameron & Kelly Studio, a boutique based in Flagstaff that serves discerning clients worldwide.

This role parlays perfectly with my MFA in Photography. You can check out a great personal project here. Outside of my photographic pursuits, I take time to enjoy family, especially adventures with my children, Naomi and Blair. One of the greatest – and most rewarding – challenges in life is creating a harmonious balance between home and business (not easy). Everything is more attainable when I focus on surrounding myself with uplifting and motivating people who challenge me both as an artist and as a mother. The goal is to work hard and play hard! ~Jamelle


Cameron leads our luxury brand and national weddings through Cameron & Kelly Studio.

If you asked me ifCameron Clark Arizona photographer I would end up in Flagstaff, Arizona, I would’ve said, “Where?” Before moving here in 2003, I was a staff photojournalist at a newspaper in Athens, Georgia. I relocated here with my husband because I always wanted to return to the west. Admittedly, I thought I’d spend half the year shooting weddings and half the year working on my documentary photo projects. Lots of mountain biking, traveling, and two kids later, my personal documentary work took a back seat to my growing wedding business and endless western adventures. Two hundred weddings and 10+ years later, I am still here chasing the perfect moment with perfect composition. Photography is the greatest and only job I’ve ever had. I live in downtown Flagstaff with my husband, Matt, and our kids: Owen and Harper. I couldn’t ask for a more ideal place to raise children. ~Cameron