Senior Thesis

Artist Statement

I spend a lot of my professional photography career photographing single extravagant events in a family’s life such as weddings, anniversaries, 50th birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and other special occasions. I love to document all of these events and one of my favorite aspects of the job is exploring the relationships families have with one another. We often count these events among the most important days of our lives; however, I believe it is repetitive days filled with small and unnoticed acts that truly shape our character. My photos explore one such mundane act of family life; the family dinner. 

I have discovered remarkable positive benefits associated with having dinner together as a family while researching and shooting the past year. I believe family dinner can be a simple solution to many of the challenges we face in modern culture today. I was once told that the most important place for a mother to be was at the crossroads of the family. I have chosen the dinner table as my crossroads. It’s the slice of life that can have a more profound effect on a family than any epic birthday or wedding day experience. This project was created as part of my MFA thesis project through the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

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